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Hey, I can put this on my site now...
Heh heh
Heh heh

If you're Dave Eggers, and you're reading this and thinking, "Hey! That's my stapler!" Well, I've got news for you, buddy. I invented a time machine and went back to before you drew the stapler, and drew it first. Then I gave you the idea. So if you're thinking of sending a cadre of lawyers to my house to make me remove said stapler from my web site, I say, SEND AWAY! I'll zap them back to the pleistocene era, where they can sue a bunch of trilobites, or something.

If you're not Dave Eggers, and you haven't read the book in question, you should buy it here, at Amazon (see, Dave? Free advertising) and read it, before most of the world's species and forests, as well as the possibility of his book ever having been written in the first place, are destroyed by the butterfly effects of pleistocene trilobite litigation.